Books and Characters

Images are a powerful tool for selling a product or telling a story. They help an audience engage with your message.

Scroll down to see some of the different projects with which I have been engaged.

Jeanne et la forêt

A visual audio-book. Adaptation of a traditional story from the Grimm’s brothers. Voice and adaptation by Claire Parma, storyteller.

The illustrations are made by combining traditional techniques for the line work and digital techniques for the color.

Watch the story. It is in French, but you can add subtitles in your language if needed.

Pequeño Panda

Characters created to teach values to your young children. The illustrations were printed as large-size cards, printed on T-Shirts and made into a book.

Illustrations were made by using watercolors, pencil colors and fine-markers for the line work.

Yoga postures

Set of illustrations to launch courses of yoga dedicated to pregnant women. Digital illustrations integrated in both web and printed media.

Particle Coloring Book

The Particle Coloring Book was created in collaboration with the ATLAS Experiment at CERN and as a part of their communications program. The project taught children about the elementary particles in our Universe and the work at CERN in a fun way.

Little Girl

Personal character used for media self-promotion. Mixed-media, watercolors, color pencils and fine-markers for the line work.

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