Visual story telling with fun and original illustrations can give a real push to your data presentations. Whether it is for a printed format, a meeting presentation, a website, or social media, creative infographics are always a plus.


A project to turn into fun the many constraints the lockdown generated in France, from the point of view of the home-schooling parents, and the point of view of computing-incompetent school teachers.

Electoral Campaign

Infographics created for a municipal electoral campaign in France, 2020. The illustrations were used throughout social media to the main electoral meeting. People’s engagement in social media is demonstrated to increase when images are involved. The list won the elections!

Presentation of the statistics related list and its actions
Infographics illustrating one of the main’s list engagements. Rather than reading a full dense text, voters get the idea in this way.
Presentation of the main results of a survey carried on by the list.
Illustration to explain the voters the different documents they will be handled and where to find them.

Other projects

Not a regular infographics, but an illustration with the same style
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