Newsletters, booklets, brochures with styles adapt to their goals, whether it is a music festival or a scientific book.

CMS Anniversary Booklet

Booklet to celebrate the anniversary CMS experiment at the LHC at CERN. The work included text and image edition, and the creation of a photo album and a calendar. The CMS experiment is a large scientific collaboration doing research and exploring the origins of the Universe.

Cover of the booklet, Pictures provided by the client.

LEGO Cards

Collection of LEGO Cards for the ATLAS Experiment at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN). The goal was to promote a LEGO construction set featuring the LHC and its particle detectors. The cards were translated into multiple languages and edited in various sizes.

Booklet for a Music Festival

Program booklet for a Music Festival organised by the Harmony Echo du Reculet in Thoiry, France. The work included the creation of the Festival’s image, posters, flyers, social media adaptations and program.

Electoral Campaign Documents

Official documents and brand for the Municipal Electoral Campaign in Crozet, France in 2020. Documents created included the party’s program, flyers, posters, ppt presentations for the main party’s meeting and other specific French official documents like voting ballots and others. And you know what, the party won the election!

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